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Behind The Scenes: GT World Challenge Americas – Circuit of the Americas 2020

Little did we know or ever think that the COTA event of the SRO GT World Challenge Americas would be our last for the foreseeable future. Certainly news and information about COVID-19 was beginning to spread, but the imminent world-wide shutdown seemed somewhat extreme. Yet for 3 months (and counting) that’s exactly what happened. Trying to isolate what was, versus what is — shooting at COTA is always an amazing treat.


New Partnerships. New Commercial Work

In addition to servicing and partnering with SRO Americas’ GT World Challenge America, we’ve had the good fortune to work alongside series partners Crowdstrike Racing and Amazon Web Services to help tell their stories of how they use the SRO series to activate and further their current marketing initiatives. That allowed Flying Lap Media to go beyond documenting just the obvious racing and motorsports and delve into capturing content that told a much richer story.’

Dream Shot List: Chase Cam – Fulfilled

Whether you’re a fan of still or video work, the chase cam shot should be on any automotive shooter’s bucket list. We’ve never had the opportunity to do one, let alone at a track like COTA. So when the opportunity presented itself, we weren’t going to pass it up. Only problem – we didn’t have a proper harness to shoot out of the back of a rented minivan. We sure as hell heck weren’t going to let that get in the way of a good shot, so we managed to concoct a makeshift method of safety using a combination of seatbelts coiled around any available limbs. Wasn’t pretty, but …it worked.

Sample Footage / Shots

Still Photos